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I don't care what anyone says. My character enslaves the minds of women with anal sex. As a mesmer, he knows this is when women let their guard down the most and therefore become vulnerable to invasions of the mind. With the current state of roleplay in GW2 I don't see the problem.

Anyone who reads gw2secrets probably thinks all role players in guild wars 2 are a bunch of fucked up horny kids who hate each other, lol. 


When people make basic grammar mistakes consistently and have no desire to learn or be corrected (irony intended).

When people have that consistent need to always correct someone who’s mother tongue is NOT English, despite the fact they people aren’t obligated to listen to them nor asked for your policing. You’re a dick. 

when you write a rant but you cancel because you know anet too dumb


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the holy trinity

Basically with September feature pack emotes have been screwed up. Earlier when RPer typed /e (action) it showed up in chat like f.e. "Bonnie takes a drink", now with patch if you type the above it shows as "Bonnie: Bonnie takes a drink". Secret submitter jokes that they did this because of all questions whether charr junk is barbed or not. That's the best way I can explain it :')

Oh and as for charr dicks topic in general, people wanted to know whether it’s barbed or not(especially charr ERPers). And one guy submitted a secret saying that he’s been asking devs directly. This i where joke comes from, that because of this guy emotes got screwed, because devs hate RPers for asking them these questions. (2/2)

Thank you for clearing that up! I guess personally I find it rather weird to even ask that, but hey, that’s me. I don’t even think ANet has even thought about their dicks to be fair. Anyway, again, thanks for clearing that up :D

Umm yea can we get an explanation of the whole Charr dicks / emotions thing? That would be swell.

Yes that’s what I’m asking for an explanation of :P

I assume the new emote mess is anet flipping off rpers in revenge for being accosted with questions about charr dicks. I blame you, charr dick guy. I blame you.

Anyone mind explaining? I can’t really check it out myself(bad laptop) :)

I like this dye, it’s kinda nude.


I’ve been thinking about the Charr. I think they can be domesticated. —Vekk

nuclearfiission replied to your post: what the fuck

What am I reading.

good question lemme kno when u figure it out i am very curious myself lol

shaaana replied to your post: what the fuck

almost puked in my mouth. top of my list of red flags: calls women “females” all the goddamn time like we’re some kind of different species than men. Weird as fuck.

I know lol, isn’t it weird that people don’t want to call women for well, women? Everyone wants to call us for female or girl. 

what the fuck

In my other folder on facebook I found this:

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I’m in Norway for about another two weeks so will take time before I’m home and can update again. 

Also, if you’ve ever wondered why pictures seem to look so fugly on your screen/monitor it’s because you’re using a tn panel monitor and god, they make everything look like satan spawned it. Get an ips monitor if you want very beautiful colours that are still realistic, they are a very good in between. You can get around it by using sweetfx thought. I can’t play games without it, games are so ugly without sweetfx, even more so with a crappy gaming monitor.

That actually reminds me and probably nobody cares, but once you pass your “gaming equipment is the best” phase you should look into getting the really good stuff.  I ditched my gaming headphones when I got my DT 770 PRO, that’s the best choice I ever made. I wanted to hear the world in my games but I wanted the sound to be beautiful, not super sharp. It’s gonna make you realise that gaming headphones are shit unless you playing very high rank shooter stuff and you need to be able to hear every single tiny fragment of dust falling in the background.

Anyway, have a great week everyone. I’m gonna make another FAQ thingy for this stuff. Just in case someone’s actually curious.

I get it now. The devs give us just enough content every few weeks to feel interested, but not satisfied, so that we're always jonesing for the next hit. We all stand around the day before patch like junkies at a street corner: twitching and fidgeting, waiting to get that hit. And then we get it, and discover that we need to pay gems for the really good shit. And boy, do we pay them. Over and over again, even though many of us can't afford to.

This person gets it.

i'm debating on whether or not to quit the game. my old guild died a long time ago and they keep trying to revive itself. the other guild i was in is spread out everywhere on the game and they barely talk or rep. what can i do to keep my interest in this game...i don't wanna quit but there's nothing here for me anymore. i barely update my game blog anymore because i'm barely playing

I felt like this too, for a while. But what happened was all my really good friends left GW2 as they absolutely hated it. I on the other hand tried my very best to enjoy it, and I certainly did sometimes, all by myself. That’s why I’ve all the classes. I wasted all that time despite everyone I cared of leaving. When you get to that point you need to just understand that the game isn’t what you want it to be right now, and it may never be and so it is best to move on. It sucks as all your friends is going their own way, unfortunately the likelihood of them reforming is minimal. The only reason you haven’t quit is not because you enjoy the game so much but rather you enjoyed the social aspects you once had. Just quit, pick up RPG’s(I don’t recommend MMO’s, they are all shit at the moment and nothing good is coming) and go outside and grab a cuppa or coffee with friends. 

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