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Drawing outsideee

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 1 Sub - Watch Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal 1 Online | AnimeSeason.com

This isn’t that related to my blog but who cares????? For your enjoyment. You can even watch while on an iPad!

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Soooo. I won’t be able to or won’t be posting much in about 2 weeks as I’m on holiday. Went back to Norway and just enjoying the peace and calm. It’s so much nicer than London sometimes. Here you can really relax. I don’t have a PC either, just my iPad. I hope everyone’s having a great summer, and if you’re not I’m sending good energy your way ~~~ ^+^

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Woaw. I am SO impressed by the living story, honestly. I’ve been enjoying every single step and it’s felt fairly rewarding. I feel the second part could have been a bit longer, it’s still quite short, altho it’s a massive improvement from the previous LS we saw.

So far I am just enjoying it and playing it super casually, everything’s going pretty much the way I was hoping for. It’s feeling more brutal and violent this time, it feels like a story truer to the original game’s way of story telling.

Wow, the ending for the second part was awesome!

July 17 | 9:13 | 4♥

is kasmeer an alcoholic??

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Here’s the video on how to get under Rata Sum, avoiding the jail death. Hope you find this helpful! ^.^

July 14 | 11:21 | 23♥
clockchimesthirteen:How did you get under Rata Sum? I thought they patched it!

I can make a video about it to show people! 

July 14 | 10:03 | 6♥

When people use Æ in their name or guild name and you’re just like ???? do u even realise how ur name sounds to ppl who actually have that letter in their alphabet lol. 

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I’ve been trying desperately to get the achievements in the LS. But for whatever reason it seems impossible? None of the workers get killed(in the first mission) and I neither get hit by the lightning by the big golem(I move away when he uses it). Any ideas? ._. So mad right now.

July 8 | 10:59 | 1♥

Meeting new friends(lamas tbh) & screens. It was tons of fun! Really enjoying the story so far and the map is awesome :)

July 7 | 6:28 | 6♥

This armour is very inspired by Blade & Soul(I feel). It gives me that feeling right away. It’s kinda problematic, but super cute and sexy at the same time. I had to buy one either way!!

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major turn offs

  • timed missions
  • manual save points
  • chase sequences

Escort missions


How to use this little map: Click on the names of the cities or outposts below to take you to their own post, with pictures and in game description.

These are the maps of Tyria, Cantha and Elona. In Guild Wars we had many outposts and cities. This map shows the most popular ones or the ones with significant meaning.

The first map is Tyria which was available through the first campaign. Most known cities from Tyria is Ascalon City, Lion’s Arch and Temple of Ages which gave access to Fissure of Woe and the Underworld. 

The second map(from left) is the map of Cantha, well known for it’s cities and outposts such as Kainen City, the Luxon outpost Cavalon and the Kurzick outpost House zu Heltzer

The third map is the map of Elona and is actually placed correctly as shown, Elona spans from the crystal desert. Most known cities in Elona is Kamadan, Jewel of Istan which has been one of the main trading cities for players for many years. Another well known city is The Kodash Bazaar which is the main city in Vabbi, and the Sunspear Sanctuary.

The fourth map is The Realm of Torment also known as the Nightmare Realm, which is a map located in the Mists. It can be thought of as similar to Hell, it is where people who have done evil go when they die to be forever tortured. Well known outposts are Gate of Torment which is the first outpost you get to when you enter the vortex and Gate of Anguish which is well known for giving you access to the Domain of Anguish.

damn me for so many accounts, anyway: I’m reblogging this cause it’s awesome!! IF you don’t play, or do play GW you should let it take you back to the nostalgic moments of discovering the cities for the first time! You can CLICK on the names of the cities! hells yeah! I am eating pizza bye

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Yay! I just reached 200 followers. That’s probably a small number for some people, but that’s kinda cool for me. Especially how I’m like a hormonal blogger and get like a massive blog phase once a month then die.

It’s cool you like the things I post. You’re cool. Thanks!

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