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Hello! Welcome to my blog. I post occasional lore, screens of the games I'm playing, and other bits and bobs. Please do check out my GW and GW2 links above for my characters, and quick links if you don't wanna scroll through it all.

The moment you act on or give death/rape threats to others due to their opinions is the moment you do not deserve your voice to be heard. 

My newest character, a new mesmer, named her Taiko Neko. As you can guess now by my lame character names I’m not a RPer lol. Anyway, this is Heroes’ Audience, a small outpost right below The Amnoon Oasis as is part of the wast and big area of The Crystal Desert

Huge gratz on passing your CBT!!! :D

Thank you so much, really appreciate that <3 *w*

I just passed my CBT, and maybe that doesn’t seem like much, but to me this is huge. I was so scared, I almost had a panic attack when he told me to go drive on the road. Holy fucking shit, it is terrifying and exciting to be a little shitter on a scooter in traffic, but so scary, especially in London. Cars are so aggressive and there was a few times people where overtaking me or pulling my leg. But whatever, I’d rather not die! So yeah, anyone who struggle with panic, anxiety or depression can probably relate to that I feel emotionally very shaken and drained right now. It was good, but damn I am so drained, and I even have the dentist tomorrow, fml p-q


Okay so here’s my Sylvari Guardian’s dye combo for this armour(outfit). I’ve to say I do like it more and more. I wish tho that we would be able to remove the shoulders. That would be nice as they are uhm, very out there. Maybe the neck thing could be a part of the shoulders as well. Anyway, I do enjoy the colour combination. I do also enjoy the detals of this outfit, I think it’s very cute, I’m a fan of battle “dresses”, you know, where they got like long skirts etc which is plated. =3 The boots are FUCKING MAGNIFICENT AND I WISH THIS WAS AN ARMOUR INSTEAD CAUSE THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THEY DID HIGH HEELS RIGHT.

The dyes are as follows:
Shiver Sky
Glacial Sky
Midnight Ice

It’s interesting that they are attacking at the same time every time and that it’s of course during the AT as well making all the guilds in GW forfeit.

I don’t know if I like this or not?

Idk why anyone would ddos attack GW servers

Weh no Su

"The world owes you a great debt. If Shiro had succeeded, far more than the safety of Cantha would have been in jeopardy. You have been playing a game of greater stakes than you could have imagined. Someday, perhaps you will understand the true magnitude of the deeds you have performed this day. Please, take this amulet as a reward. Should you wish to trade it, you may take it to any of my adepts, who will give you a fine item in return.”

To become Weh no Su you must pass the trials of the Celestials, Hai Jii, Kaijun Don, Kuonghsang, and Tahmu. When you become Weh no Su you are granted the ability to see the spirits of the dead that hides from the eyes of the mortal. You can now enter the Realm of Gods.

The eldest prince of Cantha, know as Chanang defied all royal traditions to become both warrior and monk. He managed to do this, becoming the first Canthan to ever be Ascended. When he rose to become the 11th Emperor of Cantha he rejected the title and instead chose to be named Kaineng Weh no Su, meaning Emperor Closer to the Stars. All princes of the Empire of the Dragon are expected to train no less than one heroic profession so that they may achieve Ascension.

I just don’t see how 150k is gonna make people actually interested in PvP when the only feature the game has is its aesthetics. Newsflash ANet: Your game is shallow, you have no combat depth, you left that at the door when you announced you’re reinventing the wheel with no trinity…

I’m deeply attached to my mountain. I play music for it sometimes.

Just some random pics, Body Glide, Naughty N E K O, Neko Naiami, The N E K O & Yuffy Monster.

Yesterday was the Monthly Automated Tournament(mAT) and [QC], Queen and Country won a second gold vs [Snk] which is pretty much just Minions of the Rabbit legion[pupu].

Congrats to my guild!! :D


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