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Played around with the new system and I love this combination with dyes! She’s a ranger ~

you know you’re addicted to character customisation when

you get refunded 504 dyes

this is a cat i did on the ipad it was so hard my first ever ipad drawing anyway i dont kno if im gonna sit up and wait for this stupid update or sleep. Honesty sleep seems more desirable at the moment

As much as I like game of thrones sometimes…. What the fuck? It was already fucking ridiculous amounts of sexist shit in the show but you had to do the crotch thing didn’t you. Just had to.

Yay! The winners of the giveaway!!!

  1. schyphrus
  2. astrojeggers
  3. frenchsentryturret

Please send me a message here on tumblr, I will send you one as well. :)

A (not so fancy) dye giveaway!

So a little update about the giveaway: I’m gonna pick a winner tomorrow instead. Mainly cause it’s just a little giveaway with nothing big in it, but also because of my schedule. I will have a better give away in the future, the goal is to make a really cool and big giveaway! But please, feel free to enter the dye give away if you’d like some dyes!



reblog this if you post any amount of either game because I need it

art lore screenshots character blogs I don’t care let’s dooooo ittt

A (not so fancy) dye give away!

Hey! Do you like dyes? Do you want dyes? YEAH. 

I’m giving away 4 row of dyes! I tried to theme them in colours, but had to work with what I had.

The dye rows are as follow, from top to bottom:

  1. Pastel Citrus, Orangespring, Citrus Breeze, Honeybutter, Olive Silk.
  2. Heather, Cornsilk, Green Tint, Squash, Olive Silk.
  3. Evening, Grape, Scenic, Spring, Cantalope.
  4. Grapefruit, Orangespring, Latte, Clove, Sienna.


Can someone pls explain to me how two blogs dedicated to midget porn are my top fans like what the actual fuck

Playstation, Sony

The customer service at Sony is absolutely fucking shit. I got hacked and had about £50 taken from my bank put into my wallet. And do you wanna know for what? So the fucking idiot could buy himself a fuckload of FIFA points. Not only is he/she a shitter, they are unbelievably stupid. At least hack me and buy a good game, not some kind of lame shitter football game the world doesn’t even need.

musiconrandom replied to your post: I’m kind of waiting now. Waiting for a…

I think maybe now you could try commanding? If you can’t do wvw then pve!

What should I command? I’ve tried some, I did commanding during the Halloween events.

drkory replied to your post: I’m kind of waiting now. Waiting for a…

I’m the same. Feeling like it’s time to move on.

Yeah, that’s the feeling I’ve got. But it’s hard, haha. I am socially addicted to MMO’s, I even log in just to stand around chatting. It’s also a nice game to log into and chat after a day of work and I haven’t got time to commit to another game.

I’m kind of waiting now. Waiting for an expansion really. I feel like with 9 lvl 80 chars, having done every dungeon a bazillion times, done my world completion, made two legendaries, put more than a k into the gemstore, fully exotic geared chars, jumping puzzles(except for wvw) and tried both pvp and wvw I feel like I’ve done it all now.

Anyone know a place I can watch movies/tv shows/documentaries(you prob get what I mean) online?

when u sell the legendary


There’s this really short running animation when you jump from a higher ground and you’ve built a momentum before you recover and start running normally again. Such a shame so much movement detail in something people barely ever notice most likely. Tbh it looks really good, I’d rather use that running animation at +33% speed instead of just a sped up normal one.

If it is one thing that I am extremely pleased about it is the animation of everything characters and the world does. The way they move, the way they stop, turn around, jump, move their hands, face etc. It is EXTREMELY smooth, it is actually that of a console game(console games are the ones where you see this, I have yet to find this in an MMO besides GW/GW2). Guild Wars had the same, but less and not as prominent. Which is understandable, that game is very old now. Even Guild Wars does it better than most games.

I’ve been playing WildStar lately and although I find the movement much better than for example AION, WoW, TES:O, etc etc it is not on the same level as Guild Wars.

I REALLY care about this stuff, it can make or break a game for me. I carefully watch and enjoy animation. The smoother it is the better, it doesn’t have be realistic, just well done. Movement is the first thing you look at when you get introduced to your character and how to use them in combat. It is extremely important and too many developers do not care of it.