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Dreamfall Chapters is out, but I’m not gonna post any pictures yet and be that asshole :) I’m going to say thought, it is AMAZING! You MUST buy this game, you will not be disappointed. Lead characters are PoC, female protagonist, deep story telling, exciting universe, exciting story.

I strongly recommend that you purchase The Longest Journey & DreamFall: The Longest Journey because you will not be disappointed if story is what you’re after.

It saddens me that currently, GW is 50% bots in the pvp community. It’s like you can’t know who’s botting and who isn’t, it’s like you can’t trust anyone. And the worst thing for me is that I can’t understand how anyone can find enjoyment in botting. How can you find enjoyment in winning a match that you DIDN’T win because you’re a good reliable player, but because you’re running a bot? You’re the cancer killing the game. I’m not talking about people farming, like JQ bots. GW PvP is much more complex than GW2, and there’s a lot of things you have to be able to do as a player. There’s a bot for everything, a bot that will instantly cast AoStability on a target when enemy warrior uses Dev hammer, a anti bulls bot, a general rupting bot, a heal bot. There’s a bot for fucking everything because the game’s complex and people are bad.

Bits from things I’ve been doing in the game. The blue foggy one with a shrine is the Underworld. Everything else is places in EoTN.

Ele: Elite Kurzick with chaos
Rit1: Full Imperial
Rit2: Full Obsidian w/ chaos gloves

Anyone else not able to see blogrolls? I’m trying to make it work for myself but I also can’t even see it on other peoples blogs so just curious.

Shenzun Tunnels - Part of the big city - Factions

What doesn’t kill you gives you EXP.
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Ascension is described as a state of communion with the Old Gods. Among other benefits, those who succeed in attaining it are able to travel through the Mists, and with the right help can unlock hidden reserves of power. As well as being masters of their primary chosen heroic profession, Ascendants are able to grasp, to an extent, elements of all the other professions.

In 272 AEGlint compiled the Flameseeker Prophecies that foretold a group of Chosen would rise and gain Ascension in the Crystal Desert. Many great human civilizations have traveled to the Crystal Desert to Ascend, seeking the guidance of the gods or believing that the prophesied few were among them, and almost all have failed.” - GWW

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o.o….please let this be the next GW2 wardrobe…

Haha, I would DIE. And I’d buy a extreme makeover for ALL MY CHARACTERS.


Fuck you ANet.

Stone Summit, Granite Citadel, scenery on the way.

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These are just their avatars though, not the gods their selves.

Yes, those are their avatars. I should have worded that differently. My bad. 

If you ever wondered how the human god’s look like. This is how they looked when Kormir and Edona Hera rallied the God’s for advice and help to stop Abaddon. This is before Kormir became the the God of Knowledge. 

Anonymous asked: I don't care what anyone says. My character enslaves the minds of women with anal sex. As a mesmer, he knows this is when women let their guard down the most and therefore become vulnerable to invasions of the mind. With the current state of roleplay in GW2 I don't see the problem.

Anyone who reads gw2secrets probably thinks all role players in guild wars 2 are a bunch of fucked up horny kids who hate each other, lol. 


When people make basic grammar mistakes consistently and have no desire to learn or be corrected (irony intended).

When people have that consistent need to always correct someone who’s mother tongue is NOT English, despite the fact they people aren’t obligated to listen to them nor asked for your policing. You’re a dick.